Schmirus is an extremely concerning virulent project engineered deep in an above ground laboratory somewhere in middle America. Behind securely unlocked doors, surrounded by an impenetrable wall of ticks, second hand cigarette smoke, and unexamined childhood trauma, there appears to have been a containment breach…

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Manifesting almost overnight, this dismal tide is lurching forward, evolving, and evading all attempts at self sabotage. While the actual number of variants is unknown, we have identified thousands of unique mutations. Our team of science-based doctors have learned that these variants seem to appear in waves, often hinging on factors relating to the social and political climate. We have evidence that social events, holidays, elections, and shameful societal circumstances may not only intensify the known variants, but will give rise to rare super variants. Exclusive information has been brought to our attention that a very small percentage of confirmed cases will develop additional symptoms…this appears to be a random occurrence. Details are sketchy, and we will be working around the clock to put the pieces of this puzzle together…

Our tireless fact checkers have checked the fact that this cannot be the result of a methodical, controlled release, as has been rumored by a handful of isolated degenerates. We will not tolerate the spread of dis-information.

Unconfirmed, leaked transmissions have been pulsing from the far reaches of cyberspace, appearing mostly as unintelligible fragments of data. One such intercepted message, for reasons currently unknown, has rumored these variants to be most potent at an ambient temperature of around 60 degrees. This, and other irrelevant data, undoubtedly stem from some sort of conspiracy theories, and must be disregarded…

Our science-ologists predict isolated cases early in 2022, with a potential surge in numbers predicted for mid-February, with no hope of slowing down anytime soon. We anticipate widespread panic and chaos, so stocking up on essentials such as toilet paper, canned foods, and meta mask wallets is strongly advised.

Thank you for tuning in, more as it develops…


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* Choose the best exchange platform for the community. There’s no rush, we will patiently make the best decision for our future owners.

* Continue to scale Discord and social media to maximize reach and engagement.

* There are a total of 9000 variants. 8640 will be placed on an exchange for sale. 360 will be retained for giveaways, contests, and fundraising. Specifics of the drops will be announced when the time comes! We're striving to do this right, and quickly. Not just quickly.


* For every 720 variants sold, an owner will be randomly selected to receive an original painting and merch drop. There will be merch that is only available to owners, adding to the exclusivity of the project.

* 20% of all sales (excluding royalties) will be donated to charity!

* After each wave of 720 variants have sold, we will transfer 20% of whatever the sale price was, regardless of how high the floor price goes!

* Each charity will be discussed, carefully vetted and chosen by our community through the discord. This process will be 100% transparent! We will inform the community of every step we’re making, and the blockchain doesn’t lie. No funny business, only generous donations sent through trusted channels to those who need it!


* Schmirus will continue to evolve. We will be collaborating with other creators to add notoriety and enrich the project! Don’t be surprised if some of your favorite NFT’s come down with a case of the Schmirus!

* Future projects will evolve into 3-D animated variants, perhaps one day in the not so distant future your favorite Schmirus variant will follow you around the meta verse, coughing up love and positive vibes all over you and your friends!


* The Schmirus brand will continue to evolve thru time, bringing joy and satisfaction and value for owners along with it. Schmirus is an NFT variant you’ll be lucky to catch! Woe to thee deniers, don’t say we didn’t warn you!


We are in the process of choosing the best platform and marketplace for the Schmirus project! We want to give our owners the best experience and value, and we will proceed with that in mind. Don’t worry, Schmirus will be at your doorstep before you know it…

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New waves of Schmirus and other projects are in the works! We’ll get there when we get there, so keep your eyes peeled! Join our discord for real time updates!

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In the meantime, check out our good friends at 5555stakerclass.com for making awesome pixel NFT collectibles, and putting in work to onboard people toward financial freedom through Hex cryptocurrency!


SARS-COV-2 has been and continues to be a serious threat to the vast majority of us humans on this planet. The sickness, anxiety, and world wide interruption that we’ve faced since 2020 isn’t something to laugh at. The divisiveness and anger in the collective consciousness is thick right now, politics are completely fucked, and it feels like projecting our anger and stress onto the next person has become an acceptable “new normal”.

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The Schmirus project has been an attempt to re-appropriate some of my own COVID fatigue into something that I consider a constructive use of time, rather than to allow this situation to continuing casting its shadow onto my life and circumstances. I’ve used my creativity, willpower, and skill set to the best of my ability, and am proud of my refusal to lose focus on the end goal.

Regardless of the fate of this project, or the current state of affairs in general, I feel like I have re-connected with a valuable part of myself that is a crucial part of my own search for meaning and happiness. This project is a symbol of that, and in that regard, it’s wildly successful and I’ve already won. I know many of us are lost and searching for a way out of the psychological dead ends of the current times, and I wish everyone reading this peace, and a speedy recovery from the hazy cloud of bullshit that the pandemic has brought with it.

We owe it to ourselves to find a way to move through this, I’m grateful that I’ve been able to turn over some stones to help find my way to the other side. I know it may be a little “too soon” for a satirical art project based around COVID, and may be offensive to some people. My intent is not to hurt anyone personally, and I hope that those who take offense to this are able to quickly process and move on from those feelings.

You’re in control of your reaction to outside stimuli, or you may want to consider striving to be. Anyhoo, thanks for taking the time to read this, and thank you for your interest in the project! I wish everyone the best, and I hope we all will be better suited to live, love, and achieve when the dust settles. Peace everyone!